American CircusFest

· 2024 Edition

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American CircusFest

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The American CircusFest professional competition features a hand-picked international selection of some of the most amazing circus acts, under the big top of Circus Vazquez, installed in Frisco, in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Audition only please submit your act by email to

American CircusFest 2024

Creating dreams, excellence
and international exposure
for Circuses and Artists.

March 26th and 27th, 2024,
in Frisco, Texas,
under the Circus Vazquez
Big Top Tent.

Mission and Purpose

Creating dreams, excellence, and international exposure for Circuses and Artists.

American CircusFest is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to promote excellence in the performance and education of circus arts by producing
an annual circus festival to stimulate community appreciation and interest in circus arts, sponsoring and operating an annual circus festival with competition judged by a panel of qualified judges for emerging circus artists to acquire professional performance experience and international exposure to obtain work, and sponsoring symposium on education and performance of circus arts.

American CircusFest 2024 Pictures

All photos © Christopher Baudo
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